Former Kwekwe MP lashes at Kwekwe Council

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By Partinella Ngozo

Former Kwekwe Central legislator Blessing Chebundo of MDC Alliance joined motorists and members of the public in scoffing at the planned road resurfacing strategy by the local authority saying it lacked reason and is a sign of desperation .

This comes after the Director of Works Engineer Mhike had stated during a consultative budget meeting at Kwekwe theatre that the local authority was embarking on road resurfacing for the four identified routes with each being done for a kilometer stretch.

“As council we have four routes that we are scheduled to start resurfacing with tarred road. We will work on the main Mbizo road from Mbizo High to Mbizo 16 turn off, the second route is from Kwekwe Poly along the railway road, the third one is close to Newtown from Mvuma road going along the fire brigade and the last one will be from the robots going to N.Richards wholesale. However, with the current budget that we have we will only cover just a kilometer per each route.”

However, former legislator Blessing Chebundo had no kind words for the local authority leaders who he described as embarking on a strategy bereft of engineering logic.

“Why not zero in on one road and complete it? I think it will be ideal for that. Instead of spending more years struggling to finish the whole routes. Just focus on one then you finish and move to the next one, because if you resurface a kilometer on one road and leave the other part unattended to, when you return to finish the other part you will find the one you resurfaced damaged again and you will spend years doing the same part,” said Chebundo.

Motorist who spoke to this reporter concurred with Chebundo that the city council should just resurface a complete road other than starting a route and not completing it.

“Take a look at the Mbizo via Hospital road from Kwekwe Poly going until you reach Manunure High School, our cars are being damaged on a daily basis and the council say they are going to work on a kilometer only; that is ridiculous. The whole road needs resurfacing because resurfacing a kilometer only on that route doesn’t even help us. City council receives money from ZINARA and they should make sure that it is put into use by fixing roads,” said a motorist identified as Mwarura.

“This is one of the roads the director is talking about and it was graded long back in 2018 maybe as an election gimmick because at that time it seemed they were bent on completing it in no time. Fast-forward to 2020 now it is still gravel which has developed galleys not potholes as you can see and it is difficult to navigate through. My car’s shock absorbers were damaged while I was navigating through these galleys and replacing them is very costly. The council should make sure they fix the whole route not a kilometer like they are saying. If they resurface a kilometer we know it is going to take them another two to three years to come and finish it, and what good does it make for us as motorist?” asked Tendai Ndoro a kombi driver who was negotiating a pothole between Mbizo High School and Mbizo 16.

Residents association leader Robert Nhari weighed saying people should refrain from using the word as potholes in describing the said roads in Kwekwe.

“Potholes of dongers? We don’t have proper roads in most areas of Kwekwe. There is need for the city council to make sure that they resurface the roads making sure that they complete all of them. Through the years they have always been doing that, fixing this part and leave the other and by the time they return every part is damaged again.”

Meanwhile, Kwekwe City Council Director of Finance Rejoice Maweni, in her presentation during the consultative meeting said the road in the Central Business District deserved praises from the community since it did not have any signs of potholes.

This prompted Kwekwe Resident Representative Alex Homela to question the need to beautify the city when the high density areas were in tatters.

“What good does it make to beautify the city when areas like Mbizo and Amaveni are unbearable?” asked Homela.

With the rain season approaching motorist fear that the roads will be worsened if the city council does not act with urgency.

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