First water drops in 10 years for Redcliff

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Redcliff town has been hit by water crisis which has left residents resorting to wells and borehole.

Since the complete closure of ZISCO Steel around 2006, the Municipality of Redcliff has been struggling financially to provide water and reticulation services to Redcliff town which encompases Torwood, Rutendo ,Millennium Park, Simbi Park and the new Stone Claire Park.

“It has been almost 10 years without having water on my tape, we started having water last month after the council managed to establish another pipeline here in Simbi Park. What angers me most is that all these years awe have been paying for water services when we are getting nothing. This extortionate behaviour needs to be addressed. Surely I cannot pay for a service that I am not getting”. said a Simbi Park resident who identified himself as Murehwa.

In areas such as Torwood and Simbi Park there are areas where residents last had water running on their tapes more than five years ago and in the event that water comes back there are fears of sickness as the pipes have affected by corrosion.

Boreholes have gone a long way in helping residents in most hit areas such as Torwood, Rutendo 1 and Simbi Park. There has been so much pressure on these few boreholes hence the need for more to alleviate the suffering of the residents and ward off possibility diseases like cholera and typhoid. The lockdown has made the situation more unbearable as residents are stuck in their homes most of the times with water becoming the most sought resource.

“We thank Mr Matorino who sponsored the boreholes we have here without him it would have been another story. We need water, if water is there we can find the money to pay for the bill and I am actually afraid that we might have cholera as what happened before.” said Mr Mutimusakwa a Torwood resident.

Despite efforts by the Municipality of Redcliff in providing its services, water supply crisis has escalated to an extent that residents are now digging up wells at their houses to counter the water problems facing the former great mining town.

Speaking to this publication at a ZACH function in Torwood, Ward 2 councillor Munikwa said that the Municipality is making strides to ensure that every house has enough water supply as they are now getting water from Kwekwe City Council.

“Currently we are getting water with low pressure from Kwekwe, we started by installing water valves and right now we are putting tapes in K and J sections here in Torwood coupled with a plant maintenance that is why the situation is like this” said councilor Munikwa.

Residents berated the council for failing to repair the leaking Torwood tank as this was resulting in wastage of the scarce resource. Concillor Munikwa told residents that the issue was under control but the process was not an easy one as it has some technicalities involved.

“When the tank if full, there is a certain level where the tank is supposed to give out water, but I understand the issue, it has come to our attention and we have attended to it as a committee,” Munikwa explained.

Residents in Redcliff especially in Torwood have faced a serious water challenge to an extent of buying water for USD$ 2 per bucket, leading to non-payment of any council related bills especially water bill citing that they cannot pay for the water which is not there.

“We cannot pay for water which is not there, we are very surprised by the water bill with a high current rates and yet there was not even a droplet out of my tape. It is really unfair and cruel on the part of the management to rob us in broad daylight like this, worse off during this covid-19 lockdown. When there is water we will pay our bills simple.” said a Torwood resident who chose anonymity.

Municipality of Redcliff recently installed valves and 2 km water supply pipeline in Simbi Park in order to solve the water crisis. Residents in the area now receive water one or twice a week which the residence have welcomed as a relief although there is more to be done to solve the crisis at hand.

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