Former Kwekwe Mayor implores council to act on mushrooming churches

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By Partinella Ngozo

A call has been made to the Kwekwe City Council to act on the mushrooming of churches in undesignated places, this reporter can reveal.

Speaking during a consultative budget meeting at Kwekwe Theatre former Kwekwe Mayor, Stanford Bonyongwa stated that the number of churches operating on undesignated places was cause for concern.

“As residents we are concerned by the mushrooming of churches in the residential areas. The noise has become too much and as city council what can you do to alleviate this problem which keeps growing?” asked Bonyongwa.

A survey by this reporter noted that some churches including Pentecostals, the African Apostolic Church are in the habit of conducting their services at undesignated places which include residential areas in both the high and low density, as alluded to by the former mayor.

Some residents who spoke with this publication said that some of the churches have been conducting services in residential areas for quite a while now.

“Church iyi inopindirwa paseri pedu apa ndeye kwaMwazha tanzwa nenoise kwenguva yakareba. Kubva vanhu vepamba ipapa zvavakatanga kugarapo gore rakapera inongori zhowe zhowe nguva nenguva. Hatizivi kuti zvingaitwe sei kuti zvipere (Ever since our neighbors joined the Mwazha Apostolic church last year, it has been noise now and then. We don’t know how such an issue can be dealt with),” remarked a resident who pleaded for anonymity.

Another resident who was in attendance at the consultative meeting also chipped in by asking the city council, “…as the former Mayor said on the mushrooming of churches. There is an apostolic church that we witness here in town opposite to the market/bus terminus. What is the city council doing to make sure that this church is moved off that place? There has been an issue of maintaining the city standards which was alluded to earlier on, what standards are we maintaining if we let that apostolic church operate close to the CBD (Central Business District)?” asked a resident from ward 6.

This is despite the council’s efforts to provide places where churches can purchase stands to build or conduct their services without disturbing residents who might not have interest in a church that is taking part.

Kwekwe City Acting Town Clerk Lucia Mkandla said the mushrooming of churches is an issue that still continues to be a menace in the city as she called residents to report such cases.

“The issue is a cause for concern. We destroyed about five open churches as of now. It is an issue that we continue to grapple with daily. The public should alert us so that we know where it is happening and deal with the issue,” said Mkandla.

As the City Council is eager to set quality standards as required by the Urban Council’s Act, there is need to deal with the mushrooming of churches according to some residents.

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