Restoring menstrual dignity for Nemangwe girls

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By Partinella Ngozo

Scores of girls in Nemangwe area benefitted from a pad campaign conducted by Faith and Life Foundation in Gokwe recently as part of the International Girl Child Day commemorations.

More than 300 pads were distributed to 93 girls from ward 4 and 5 Nemangwe area as a way of restoring sanitary dignity for the underprivileged girls in Gokwe. The two clinics in the area namely Svisvi and Musita also benefited from the efforts of Faith and Life Foundation. The foundation led by Faith Kondo embarked on a fundraising campaign towards the purchase of sanitary pads for girls in Gokwe. Agape Family Care, Charoo Investments and individuals participated in the campaign that saw 93 girls getting a relief of their life by this timely donation. We established that the cheapest pack of pads cost $1 usd at a time the cotton farming community failed to cash on the white gold due to low local RTGS being offered by cotton buyers and dealers. The last farming season (2019-2020) saw farmers resorting to getting grocery for the equivalence of the cost of their cotton based also on the grade.

Scores of young girls took turns to applaud the efforts by Faith and Life Foundation which came to their rescues during a period of marked economic challenges and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m very grateful for this kind gesture . Honestly, my parents are struggling to put food on the table and issues of sanitary ware are not prioritized within family budgeting process and practices”, said one beneficiary.
According to the Founding director of the Foundation, Faith Kondo, the plight of the rural girls is multifaceted and need concerted efforts as compared to their urban counterparts.

“I decided to focus on the rural girls, driven by my personal experiences as a resident of this area of the multiple challenges our young girls face daily . I strive to strengthen the confidence of the rural girl child so that she exploits her chances in life. When one loses his or her dignity, it follows that exploring opportunities in life becomes a mammoth task hence we are trying to bridge that gap among our girl children. These girls lack a voice and negotiating platforms at family set-ups for the inclusion of sanitary pads as a priority and as an organisation that values a dignified life, we thought it urgent to make this donation”, said Kondo.

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