Torwood residents pay last respect to the boy murdered by his step mom

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By Simbarashe Fenton M

A sombre mood engulfed Dean Dube’s burial with mourners in shock after the gruesome death of the young boy who was murdered by his step mother

The young boy’s death brought misery and suffering to the Dube family and the community as well. Dean’s untimely death came as a shocker, an unheard off scenario which saw mourners from Torwood gathering to pay their last respect to a child who suffered in the hands of a mother.

“The young boy was laid to rest at Torwood Old cemetery. A resident who spoke on the sidelines of the burial stated that the action by the mother was shocking as she failed she to live by her obligation as a mother.

“What has happened is so pain full to us as residents, this is not good at all, we don’t expect such evil act from a mother. As a mother and guardian myself I advice that people should not be this evil, we should have love and take care of the children as if they our own. I’m pained by Dean’s death, he was a young and brilliant child and his death came as a shock to everyone. She was not predictable at all hence I was not surprised by this act she committed, her behavior could not be trusted,” said Dorothy Kasinahama one of the resident who attended young Dean’s burial.

The post-moterm reports stated that choking and loss of breathing air was the main cause of death besides the physical wounds witnessed by the residents who saw the lifeless body of the young boy when his step mother had already flighted to Harare leaving deceased’s eight year old sister to face her own fate in a locked house with a live stove attached to a blanket meant to be a time bomb. We thank God there was no electricity hence the girl survived the ploy.

Speaking after the burial of his son, Tonywell Dube explained that he never saw this day coming where he would lose so much in the hands of his wife and could never imagine her killing his son because of the house he thought it was hers since she was the mother of the house.

“I did not see anything fishy at all this time I have been living with my wife. The main reason she came was for the kids in her late aunt’s home. She took over the welfare of children.I was someone who was not always around because of work and she has been taking care of the children needs and demands such as schooling and their birthdays, she has done a lot for them. This shocked me, I am failing to understand and accept what has happened. On the same day this took place I communicated with her the whole day but surprisingly during the evening I received information of this tragedy situation. So I’m pained and confused, I don’t really understand what transpired between the child and his mother…” said Dube.

A lot of people attended the burial, this indeed showed how much residents have been pained. It shows how much they have been robbed of a fine young man who was a friend to many and even popular in Torwood. Member of Parliament for Redcliff, Lloyd Mukapiko had to leave his constituency obligations in Harare to come back and mourn together with the Dube family.

“This issue as I have said at the grave yard is a bitter and painful one, it is a fishy and worrying incident which has seen people in numbers paying their final respects and I even left my work to attend this funeral as a leader and a community member. I have been here the very moment this happened. I feel afraid and pained with this but it has happened to us in our own community, it is something we do not expect to happen again in future…” said Mukapiko.

Domestic violence and mental issues have been pinpointed as the main cause of suicide,murder and drug abuse, especially, in the Covid-19 era with more women being the perpetrators and victims. Several expects and other organisations have cited the need for counseling, the need for economic turn around as the solution to the escalating crisis facing the society.

“I think more awareness is needed. Campaigns in which the community is educated be it at churches, workplaces about the causes and effects of such detrimental behaviours which are likely to cause violence, murder to mention a few,” said Terrence Takafirei the Director of Hope of Saints Charity Organisation and Ant-Domestic violence and gender based violence activist.

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