Bhiri Donates 600l Diesel for Murerezi Dam scooping programme

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By Robert Munemo and Sharon Mudzonga

Popular doctor and businessman from Chemimwe in Mberengwa, Cunnings ‘Bhiri’ Hove, has donated six hundred litres of diesel to facilitate the dam scooping programme at Murerezi where villagers’ livestock were trapped while some perished.

In response to the desperate call for help by Murerezi community early this month, the Mberengwa East people have positively reacted by donating in cash and kind to help facilitate the de-siltation of Murerezi dam

Moved by the sudden loss of livestock in Murerezi dam on the onset of the rainy season, Dr Cunnings, well known as Bhiri, has chipped in by donating six hundred litre of diesel to facilitate the dam scooping programme at Murerezi which will take place soon and will be facilitated by Runde rural council.

During a telephone interview with this publication, Dr Cunnings confirmed that he donated four hundred and ten litres diesel and two hundred US dollars which when put together would add up to six hundred litres of diesel needed for the desiltation programme.

“Yes, I donated 410 litres diesel, I also gave them USD$200 because their engineers said its 600l needed for the programme. So I can just say its 600 litres,” said Dr Hove.

The councillor for Mberengwa East Murerezi ward Chenjerai Maisva confirmed they have received the donation and that they are looking forward for dam scooping programme to be done earlier.

“As I’m talking to you now our requisition letter is in the office of the CEO, we are now ready for scooping ….we have got the diesel and we are going to utilise it fully,” Maisva said.

Meanwhile, Bhiri dismissed rumors surrounding his donations that his offers were being rejected for political reasons. He stated that his donations were well accepted in the presence of all respected individuals claiming that his offers were not political baits, but rather, desire to help the community deal with its problems.

“The councillor was there, village heads, political groups, 3 districts and their executive were there, because what I meant to do was to show the leadership that you must go and address the main problem people have on the ground that’s why I mobilised for that gathering to find out the ways to solve that dam problem,” he said.

A Mberengwa resident who cannot be named also dismissed the rumour that Dr Hove’s offers were being rejected.

“This is not the time to reject offers, how can we refuse donations if we were the ones asking for it?” he asked.

Dr Hove further encouraged the people of Mberengwa to unite and focus on solving the problems facing the community regardless of their different political affiliations.
“The habit of chanting political slogans, politics without economy will drown us, we don’t want politics but we need prosperity in the region if everyone has that spirit even our roads will be tarred,” he said.

However he was not pleased with the delay by Runde Rural Council in scooping the dam fearing that if the rains fall before that, the community will be facing the same catastrophe next year again.

Efforts to contact the Runde Rural Council for a comment in delay were not successful but the councillor assured that the desiltation of Murerezi dam is taking place soon.

“We are waiting for council to come down any time, I follow up daily,” said cllr Maisva.

Villages are said to have raised up to USD$ 259 through individual village contributions, while other small scale business individuals such as Hungwe, Innocent Mburinga and Takawira Moyo cooperatively contributed up to 3200 ecocash.

The community believes they can successfully achieve their goal and save their livestock from perishing at Murerezi Dam.

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