PDC hails Zibagwe Devolution Development Initiatives

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By Simbarashe Fentoni M

Midlands Provincial Development Co-coordinator Adiot Maronge has highly commended the development initiatives done by Zibagwe Rural District Council (ZRDC) under Devolution funding.

Speaking during a progress report on the utilization of devolution funds, touring of finished and under construction projects, the PDC commended the good work done by the rural district council in taking advantage of the devolution funding to improve service delivery and largely improve the living standards of the people within the council.

“it is clear…I commend you for the job you are doing, I am happy that you are responding well ,also your plans are of improving and that is the way to go for vision 2030,lets continue to do right,” said Maronge.

Having received an amount in the region of rtgs$9.8 million from the Ministry of Local Governance, the council has been embarking on different development initiatives from water and sanitation, health, education within its four constituencies.

ZRDC has managed to drill 10 boreholes across the four constituencies, repaired 161 boreholes including 17 schools and managed to equip boreholes at Chief Ndiweni, Chief Gwesela and Chief Samambwa courtesy of the devolution funds as the country grapples with drought which has highly limited water resource for people and livestock.

Accompanied by ZRDC Chief Executive Officer Farai Machaya and members of the management, the PDC managed to inspect one of the clinics being constructed under the disbursed funds, Fafi Clinic Block in Zhombe ward 12, where construction is at the wall plate level and almost complete. There are challenges which includes contractual issues and the Covid-19 pandemic having derailed the completion of the clinic, it is expected to be finished and ready for rendering services by end of January.

The construction of the clinic has also brought the community and the ZRDC to work together. The corporation has brought a lot of progress with Fafi Clinic expected to bring relief to the Zhombe people who have been finding it difficult to have access to health services since they travel 10 km to Zhombe Mission Hospital.

“Our community has been facing a major challenge of the distance because Zhombe Mission hospital is 10 km away and as it is a Catholic institution whose services are expensive making it difficult for our people, the one we are constructing as a council clinic will be affordable. After completion of the ward we are going to have a maternity ward,” said Erusmas Machigure, Zhombe Ward 12 councilor.

The rural district council has other clinic construction projects underway with the Sherwood Executive ward at beam level. The procurement of roofing material is still underway and` the Langton Clinic block in ward 24 completed, with roofing almost complete.

While presenting his report, Machaya highly expressed his gratitude to the government with its Devolution initiative and alluded that as a home district council of President Emmerson Mnangagwa there is need for the council to lead by example so as to foster sustainable development, good health facilities and increased food security.

“Provincial Development Coordinator, our common dream for the district is sustainable development, a district with good health facilities, functional schools and housing, reduced unemployment and in general better living standards for our people…” said Machaya.

The government initiated vision 2030 of making Zimbabwe an upper middle income economy and calls for the provision of coordinated quality services in an efficient, sustainable manner. Education is one of the core rights of every child and objective of the devolution, hence the ZRDC has made strides in constructing a new school while refurbishment of some schools which were destroyed by storms is also underway.

The PDC led delegation also toured and inspected the newly approved Bharamasvesve Primary school under construction, to monitor the recently completed new school block under the united effort of the council and community.

Bhamasvesve Primary school building committee member and Gwesela West ward 9 councilor Alderman ED Sibanda highly commended the efforts by the council and the government at large for engaging the community to pave way for the construction of the school block as children have been travelling about 10 km to the nearest school.

“As parents and committee we are very grateful to the council, community leadership as we managed to see through the completion of the block…we are yet to have other important resources such as desks and security we need fence.

“Our children have been travelling long distances to Zhombe Mission Primary school, it has also been offering quality education and we want the same here, we need to continue to work with leadership and built more block as this one will accommodate grade 2 and 3 as soon as other things which are supposed to be done are finished…” he said.

The council has successfully refurbished Edzai Mpumelo primary school in ward 4 which was damaged by winds. Hunters Secondary School classroom block in ward 30 is at beam level and most of the resources are on the ground to see the project through. The building materials have also been procured for the refurbishment of a classroom block at Samambwa Primary school.

After the devolution projects tour, the PDC told this publication his overall view on the state of the projects.

“I am overally happy with the work of the council. But this is work in progress there are some areas which needs improvement, when we go back to the office we will reflect on the observations made, will advise them, guide them, the type of the projects is that which will register impact in the livelihoods but they need to complete the projects…the lessons we have learnt here will help us guide others.

There is need for establishment of a structure at project management level, that structure will work from the commencement of projects, designing, reporting and ensuring that whatever is done meet the time lines, to me that’s one of the most interventions…” said Maronge.

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