Redcliff Municipality in clean-up exercise

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By Simbarashe M Fenton

The Municipality of Redcliff has conducted a rapid clean-up campaign to bring a new face of change to its environment in line with the government initiated clean up exercise.

The town council’s initiative is in line with government clean up exercise which is done on the first Friday of every month. The exercise was aimed at cleaning the illegal dumping cites which have been highly dominated by litter resulting from continued disposal by residents who accuse council for inadequate collection of refuse.

The two hour clean up exercise, from 8 to 10am saw members of the Municipality management, workers, volunteers and few public members partaking. They were concentrating in hotspot areas such as Redcliff civic centre and town Centre, Torwood, Rutendo Dollar shopping Centre, Mutegude and Simbi Park Gwatura shopping centers where there is high littering.

“We have decided as a council to clean up our environment, to give it a new face as every local authority should host the clean-up exercise in line with the government’s National Clean-Up Campaign.

“The idea is to prevent the resurgence of communicable diseases such as cholera and typhoid and to promote hygiene, especially during this Covid-19 era. We have few members and we cannot do it alone so we have also decided to engage our stakeholders so that we keep our environment clean, we are still starting, we expect more numbers as the exercise goes on” said Makanyara Pick, Ward 6 councilor.

Few people managed to turn up for the clean-up exercise with the municipality’s employers dominating the numbers of attendees. Some residents refused to join in citing failure by the town council to be accountable on its obligations on service provision, and refuse collection.

This publication managed to talk with some of the residents on why they could not take part in the exercise, despite the efforts by the town council to inform the residents on the initiative.

“As you have seen that the thing (Clean up) is a total failure, no one showed up. It is because people do not have confidence in the council because it fails to render critical services such as water and refuse collection. This has led to dumping of rubbish everywhere which has created a lot of problems to the environment,” said Solomon Muyambo a Simbi Park resident and a climate change activist.

Despite the efforts by the town council to clean up the environment especially in areas where people work and gather such as shopping areas, more needs to be done in order to keep the environment and its human inhabitants safe. This is because rubbish dumps, dippers, litter still dominate the environment.

Redcliff Municipality has in the past experienced outbreaks of communicable diseases such as cholera and typhoid between 2008 and 2013 which claimed precious lives especially in Torwood. Lack of clean water and poor refuse disposal exercises being the focal causes of the crisis.

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