Mberengwa master farmers receive farming inputs

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By Robert Munemo

Rural Master farmers in Mberengwa received farming inputs through the government initiated food security programme. They received fertilisers from the government and sorghum seeds from Food World Programme (WFP) recently.

More than 400 hundred master farmers in Mberengwa East who are part of the pfumvudza farming programme received 50kg top dressing fertiliser each from government. In addition they also received two more bags of fertilisers and a 5kg sorghum seed from the World Food Programme.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event ward 5 councillor, Mr Chenjerai Maisva encouraged the farmers to go ahead and plant the sorghum despite some believing that the season has elapsed.

“Proceed and plant the seeds, there’s still time and make sure you use this fertiliser for the seed. The fertlizer you were given is for the sorghum,” Maisva said.

Secretary for ward 5 Mberengwa East, Chomunaishe Chitandaudze, popularly known as ‘Choga’ said pfumvudza is a great stride on the part of the government in ensuring food security in Mberengwa. He also complained that the inputs are not enough for all farmers.

“We’re so happy that the government has moved this far by providing us with fertiliser for sorghum, we thought that there was no fertiliser for such crops but now it seems we’re going to harvest more. However, the inputs are not enough for the farmers, because while 400 hundred households benefited from the pfumvudza an estimated 500 did not receive” said Chomunaishe.

Efforts to get a comment from the Mberengwa farming coordinators were not fruitless, but one master farmer who pleaded for anonymity said this was a great move by the government in solving hunger and starvation problems in Mberengwa.

Due to climate change which has resulted in persistent drought situation in Mberengwa during the previous years, the government counteracted by introducing pfumvudza, a conservative farming which enables farmers to make enough produce of up to one tonne on a small plot.

In an interview with Community Voice Zimbabwe (CVZ), councillor Chenjerai Maisva applauded the government for introducing, supporting and making follow ups in the programme which he said is the way to go in curbing the perennial droughts in Mberengwa due to climate change

“I thank the government for this programme, its the only solution to our problem of less rains in Mberengwa due to climate change”, Maisva said.

Mberengwa East is one of the dry areas in Zimbabwe which falls under region five in which crops normally dries due to lack of rain but this year the farmers are expecting positive yields

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