Families urged to avoid violence when solving disputes

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By Evidence Chipadza and Partinela Ngozo

Families have been challenged to solve disputes in a wise manner to avoid violence. This comes after reports from different Civil Society Organisations revealed that the corona virus lockdown had exacerbated gender based violence.

Following an increase in gender based violence cases former Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ) Secretary Gweru Chapter Mejury Makunere has advocated for conflict resolution among families. This was revealed in an online meeting which was held by the Peace Building Cluster recently.

Makunere alluded that due to the current lockdown restrictions many families spend most of the times together which might cause conflicts.

“Lockdown has affected many families in our communities because some breadwinners are now staying at home so this might result in gender based violence as some will fail to adjust to the prevailing conditions” said Makunere.

She added that maintaining a good relationship in the family or community is a good gesture.

“People wrong each other in a family or community but it’s up to you to choose to mend the relationship, people must try to solve their disputes in a peaceful manner life is too short , after solving the dispute in a civilised manner you end up being best friends,”added Makunere.

Conflict resolution is when two or more parties find a peaceful solution to settle a disagreement(s). The disagreement maybe based on personal, financial, political or emotional issues.

There are many types of conflicts which include divorced parents conflict, inlaw related conflict, stepparent /stepchild conflict and sibling conflict over care of elderly parents. Conflict can be managed through emotional intelligence, patience, open communication and active listening.

Emotional intelligence has to do with the management of emotions that is one has to read the emotions of the next person for easier communication.

Makunere also highlighted that if families fail to solve their disputes amicably then there is need to seek help from counselors or other organizations.

“Sometimes people might fail to be on the same page, I encourage them to visit Musasa or counselors to promote a peaceful and healthy environment.

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