Kwekwe roads in abysmal state

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By Polite Ndhlovu

The road networks of Kwekwe that were once ranked amongst the top best in the country are but just a ghost of their former glory. The city council is in a fight to try and reclaim the lost splendour. The now city in touch with tomorrow seems to be back paddling rather than going forward.

The roads were already in bad shape and the coming of the rains made the situation bad. “In Kwekwe all our roads are in a bad state. They had deteriorated and the heavy rains we experienced this season made the situation worse” said Mayor Angeline Kasipo. “The city council is racing with time to rehabilitee them” she added.

The roads are in a wretched state and have become hazarders to motorists and the public. The state of the roads has been deteriorating for the past years. This season the city experienced heavy rains which further damaged the roads. Some of the roads has developed gullies rendering them useless. Citizens have even implored the idea of putting farm residues in an effort to claim damaged areas but all in vain. This move has actually caused an eyesore rather than rectifying the problem.

The city fathers are fighting to reclaim these damaged roads. As was said by councillor Ranga, they have set things in motion for the road rehabilitation. “The city has more than 57 kilometres of tarred roads that need attention. The city council has begun the project of maintaining these damaged roads” said councillor Ranga in a statement.

“So far we have managed to maintain the tarred road from Mbizo 4 shopping centre to Mbizo 10 turn. We are moving slowly but our intention is to speed up the processes and be done by year end” she added. She said this after some residents had shown concern over which the pace of rehabilitation is taking.

Residents have been accusing the council for using in effective methods in claiming damaged areas of the roads. The council used to put compacted clay to fill pot holes. The clay will be blown away by wind, eroded by water and also displaced by vehicles. The results will be bigger, more dangerous potholes than the previous ones.

The use of soil has also been castigated by residents as it also poses health risks. The via Hospital road that connects from Manunure high school to Mvuma Road was completely covered with gravel. This road has so much traffic from commuters ferrying people to town, vehicles going to hospital and people from Mbizo to Kwekwe Poly and Masasa. As the vehicles will be speeding they lift dust that ends up setting in homes near by the road. People are breathing this dist too which will result in respiratory complications.

The city fathers need to move fast with the road rehabilitation process before more harm is done. Zimbabwean roads at large have been damaged and need attention. The president H.E Emerson D Mnangagwa has said his government is committed in the recitation of roads.

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