Local authorities urged to improve on PFM accountability and transparency

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By Evidence Chipadza

Local authorities have been urged to practice sound Public Finance Management (PFM),accountability and transparency mechanism to foster good corporate governance, this was revealed by a Local Governance expert DR Vincent Chakunda at a (PFM) workshop which was recently held by Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) at Suburban Village Gweru.

“Our local authorities have to improve on accountability and transparency, what is the utility value of 2014 audit report produced in 2019? In Gweru we have our local authority but why is it we don’t have current audit reports but we have a whole department of qualified accountants in the finance department ?” asked Chakunda.

Chakunda stated that corruption is a major problem that is causing the exploitation of public resources at the expense of the poor.

“Corruption is across the globe everyone is now corrupt, we have a weak government in terms of resources there is no budget transparency and the input of the people is not captured at all,” said Chakunda.

PFM Act chapter 22:19 stipulates that all revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities of the government are managed efficiently and effectively to provide for responsibilities of persons entrusted with financial management.

Addressing the same meeting Charles Mazorodze Director for Gweru Resident Forum(GRF) said there is need for citizen version of the budget so that everyone benefits.

“Citizen version of the budget is important as it caters everyone many people are left out because the financial terms that are used. We want a committee from government to public entities, local authorities to monitor the implementation of the cognizance of auditor general to the extent that each local authority goes to the parliament annually,” said Mazorodze.

Meanwhile ZIMCODD Campaigns Officer Angellah Mandoreba added that a lot of public resources are being used for personal benefits.

“PFM of our country is in a bad state, this can be seen by the abuse of public resources, these public resources are not being used for the intended purposes but for public gains. PFM is important in the day to day running of the state and it is pinned on accountability and transparency,” added Mandoreba.

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