Redcliff introduces community patrols

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By Memory Mudzani

In a bit to reduce the rate at which thieves are wrecking down the mining town of Redcliff, Torwood residents has taken action by setting community patrols. The community has assigning men to patrol the community at night.

Since the beginning of first phase of covid19 lockdown Torwood residents has been facing serious attacks from thieves up to this day which has caused residents to introduce the patrol committee of men who are patrolling in their streets

Torwood is a residential area where most of former ZISCOSTEEL workers reside and these people survive on hustling since they lost their jobs when the company was closed, so during the first phase of covid19 lockdown most of them lost their hustle which has resulted in some of them opt to stealing for survival.

This area is facing problems from both locals and also outsiders who are from nearby communities especially those from nearby plots who are referred to as machete gangs.

In an interview with Mr. Mauyangwe who is a member of T section patrol committee he told this publication that patrols are helping them a lot since they are doing shifts, some will patrol from 2100HRS to 0000hrs and other will continue from there till morning and this will give thieves no chance to attack their section since there will be watchmen patrolling in the area.

“Patrols are helping our area a lot and we appreciate everyone in our section for supporting us, residents in our area are paying monthly subscription which we use to buy torches and also to appreciate those who will be working during the night though they have volunteered to work but we just appreciate them.” Said Mr. Chingosho a committee member

Resident from Torwood especially those from T section said that they will appreciate the council a lot if streets lights are put in their area since it is located at the end of the community and also if the police help them in patrols because they have all resources for patrols unlike them who will be using poor resources

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