Redcliff Council on road rehabilitation drive

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By Simbarashe Fenton M

Redcliff Town Council has kick started Simbi Park road rehabilitation and construction drive in order to improve the state of the dilapidated roads which have been a long term problem facing the town.

The gravel roads in Simbi Park have for a long time been damaged with trenches along the way and potholes which were worsened by the heavy rains that hit the country. The road situation has been a challenge for motorists and residents whose vehicles were being damaged with those in the retailing business also affected.

Speaking to this publication after the commencement of work, Redcliff Mayor Councilor Clayton Masiyatsva confirmed that the council has started construction work on the Simbi Park major roads.

“The contracted Shershum Construction on behalf of the council is working on Simbi Park and all Infill roads. They have just started and we expect that in June they will be done and move to Torwood Garikai. We are going to fine all heavy trucks,” he said.

Heavy haulage trucks ferrying river and pit sand have caused more damage to roads in Simbi Park and Rutendo. Residents had expressed dissatisfaction due to the increase in air pollution from the dust produced by vehicles in the area. Most were fearing for their health but they expect the situation to change since the council has started the road rehabilitation drive.

“My house right here is facing the road, big trucks carrying river and pit sand have made it difficult for us. We were facing health problems with the dust which emanates from the road. It is flue after flue, imagine having flue during this COVID-19 era. The road is worn out completely, I hope this move will help us as well,” said a resident whose identity cannot be disclosed on confidentiality grounds.

Simbi Park residents have been in arms with the town council for a long time as the roads have been in bad shape for more than a decade. There has been poor service provision experienced for quite some time. Residents had thus lost trust in the town council but have vowed to monitor if the situation will improve.

“We will be monitoring and watching this construction process and how the roads are being constructed. Nevertheless it is a good move by the council to rehabilitate these dilapidated roads…” said a Simbi Park resident who identified himself as Nicholas.

“Is this thing real?, We will see because the last time they only worked on the main links and they never worked on the short closes. Maybe it is because people especially in Simbi Park are saying it out and protesting that is why they are doing cover ups. Plus we always pay rates yet nothing materialise,” added another resident whose name can not be revealed.

Redcliff Town Council has received rtgs$1.4 million in devolution funds from the government and has been making strides to improve service delivery on refuse collection and water supply. Residents are now receiving tape water once and sometimes twice every two weeks. The council has a long term plan to have a water purification plant so that they cease dependency on Kwekwe City Council for water.

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