All Arts Entertainment aim to change local industry

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Simbarashe Fenton M

The newly established media organization, All Arts Entertainment (AAE) has been tipped to be a game changer in the local Arts Industry, after hitting the ground running with diverse entertainment initiatives.

The fast rising Redcliff based brand houses Resplendence Shows and Modelling Agency, and Glorious Touch Pictures has come to the fore of Entertainment with the quality of services and products which are attracting more people in the local modelling and content creation industry.

AAE founder and Director Admiral ‘Mafloe’ Mwale, a film maker, director, writer and producer, said that his organization target the youth who are conduits, the future as the need for a contemporary approaches in the local Arts industry is undeniable.

“We are a brand that seeks to cater for the youths. AAE has been eyeing amongst the few, musicians, models, producers, actors. One of our goals is to bring the talented youths to the limelight so that they reach their apex.

“AAE was established in 2020 soon after the Covid 19 pandemic in Zimbabwe, we will not rest, until the fruits are seen. Our hope is that the initiative will live for generations and generations to come,” he said.

Film Making, Model grooming, Video production, photography and Designing are the main services the Media Organisation offers with more new niche ideas in the pipeline.

Resplendence Shows and Modelling Agency focuses on grooming young and upcoming models who are able to render services in the music, corporate and commercial industries and earn a living out of it. The grooming course has so far proved to be essential and working well since some of the agency’s top models have featured for top magazines in Midlands, including AAE Magazine, Africa Yard, Slim entertainment to mention a few.

With no subscription fee to cushion what the Redcliff based Agency offers, models have highly found it as an opportunity to learn and work hard. The girl child has also been offered the opportunity to showcase their talents in a manner that values self-respect, discipline, and do away with negative connotations associated with modeling while promoting a strong stance against early child marriages and drug abuse.

This unique professional conduct has so far attracted traffic from areas such as Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare to mention just a few.

“I have signed with AAE’s Resplendence since last year. Though being young and new to the profession I have learned so much. I have realised that my initial intentions of being a model have been broadened because we are learning a lot from these guys.

“I have grasped the importance of being a model, I used to think that it is for fun or pleasure, but there is more to it. My wish and hope with Resplendence is to be a good, well known and successful model,” said Whitney Magodola a Redcliff model who is under AAE’S Resplendence brand.

AAE’s most sought after film making and videography brand Glorious Touch Pictures has been making huge strides in content creation with good quality video productions, covering weddings and corporate functions. Its latest production, Film Family Tree, is set to premier this coming summer. Family Tree is a love, tragedy concept with a lot of take away lesson for audiences.

“It is going to be a good piece of cake and everyone will yearn for once released. The project has been a good experience, amazing cast, despite Covid-19 setback everyone has been putting efforts in the project. We intend to give Zimbabweans a game changer with this one,” said Jay Jaey, AAE’s spokesperson.

Just like any other Arts and Entertainment organisations, AAE has not been spared by Covid 19 pandemic. The national lockdowns initiated to curb the spread of the pandemic have highly affected funding mechanisms since most of the projects have been self-funded.

There was also disruption of the shooting process hence this has halted and swiftly moved deadlines further as life in the new normal was unbearable.

“Apart from Covid 19, finance has been the biggest challenge and greatest challenge we have faced as an organisation. This kind of industry requires a fat pocket. We are yet to have sponsors and partners with most of them promising to chip in after the release of our film, Family Tree this coming October.

“Our brand is still emerging, despite the good projects we have done and still working on we have to keep on working hard, to be creative in coming up with income generating projects. We have the capability of doing that. We are a team, brand that is ready to give youth a purpose, to feel loved and for their talent to be recognised and out rightly make a living out of it,” said Mwale.


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  • September 3, 2021 at 8:10 am

    Nice stuff keep on going AAE


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