Hope of Saints Partners Vessel of Acts in helping the marginalised

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Simbarashe Fenton M

Hope of Saints Charity organisation partnered with Vessel of Acts Charity Trust and extended a hand to Rutendo Old Peoples Home as well as the selected marginalized families who have been struggling under the Covid-19 national lockdown.

The two charity organisations made a donation of groceries and clothes at Rutendo Old People’s Home as well as more than 15 families in Rutendo, Simbi Park and Torwood.

In his speech while receiving the donations on behalf of the council run Old Peoples Home Redcliff Mayor Councilor Clayton Masiyatsva commended the two charity organisations for chipping in and remembering the elderly despite the hard times being experienced during Covid-19 pandemic.

“Allow me to thank Hope of Saints Charity Organisation. Ever since we have known them they have been doing wonderful work and have donated here more than once, today they have brought Vessel of Acts Charity Trust on board that shows that our town has been blessed.

“What you have donated here today is big, every month our elderly presence here demand good food, and proper diet…I would like to thank you as well for your intended donation in the community today after this function,” said Cllr Masiyatsva.

The two organisations’ donations comes at a time the town council was facing difficulties in consistently capacitating the old people’s home due to the ever increasing social and economic challenges in the Covid-19 pandemic era.

The youthful led Charity organisations also promised to have funds in place for the Old People’s Home, under the supervision of the council in order to make it possible for them to partake in income generating projects such as broiler rearing.

“We are now living in different times, people are facing difficulties in finding jobs and money. So we would like to set up income generating projects for the Old Peoples Home as an insurance in the event that funders face challenges. We want them to start Broiler Chicken rearing which they will sell in the community as well as making use of some in diversifying their relish. We will deliberate with the leadership on the project and on the provision of the necessary resources, “said Pamela Chitandara, Financial Director of Vessel of Acts Charity Trust.

The event was also graced by Sister Magodo, a medical practitioner at Multi Choice Clinic who educated the elderly and those present on Covid-19 and how the society can help in the fight as the virus has been taking lives at will.

“Covid-19 is an air born virus which has been amongst us since 2019. It is advisable under World Health Organisation (WHO) and Ministry of Health and Child Care to improve our hygiene, mask up, thoroughly wash hands with a detergent, and sanitise hands.

“These measures do not entirely prevent Covid-19 but they go a long way in limiting contracting the deadly virus…if you happen not to be well, suspect Covid symptoms, visit the nearest medical Centre, clinic so that you get tested in time and most importantly let us get vaccinated against Covid-19,” advised Sister Magodo.

Terrence Takafirei, Hope of Saints Director said there is need to look after the marginalized families in the communities and extend a hand so that they can also enjoy life.

“We give a hand not because we have much but because we see it befitting to share, because the people are suffering, they lack even the basic food requirements for their well-being. More than 60% of the people who used to work for Zisco dominate our list that we have compiled and we are going to work on in our next outreach…it says much, one wonders how they are making ends meet, we will do our best, continue to lobby resources for such,” he said.

Extreme levels of poverty have been experienced by some elderly and vulnerable members in the society who cannot afford the basic needs such as food.

“The economy has been so bad for the past ten years or so and we have been jobless ever since and there is nothing much to do here except vending and gathering scrap. Covid-19 worsened and disrupted the hustle.

“I am grateful to these organisation for what they have done for me and my family. To be honest I just do not have a choice but it is not how I want to do things and raise my family, receiving these handouts and donation. I feel hurt and guilty for this. I hope someone up there will do something,” said a Torwood resident, recipient of the donations whose name cannot be revealed on confidentiality grounds.

Poverty and Hunger has led to illegal actions in Redcliff, with areas such as Torwood, Redcliff and Simbi Park being the main breeding grounds of such activities.



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