Visually impaired Mberengwa musician with thousand songs hungers for breakthrough

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By Robert Munemo

From the dry dust region of Chief Chingoma in Mberengwa, comes the beautiful echoes of Adonia Matcheza, a blind gospel musician whose artistic vocals have touched many souls but lack of support is preventing the musician to take his talent to the next level, Community Voices Zimbabwe has learnt.

It is the song titled Neni Ndinofara from his 8 track 2020 album Goverano yemashoko which has put him on the spotlight impacting tremendously on souls of many gospel music lovers. Popularly known as Master Lyker, Tinevimbo Julius Rukanda, Matcheza’s producer for  Goverano Yemashoko album, buttreses sentiment of music lovers who described the Neni Ndinofara as a gem fit to stand tall against  productions of renowned Gospel artistes in Zimbabwe. “I met Adonia Mzezewa in 2019,and we are still working together.  Goverano YeMashoko was our most successful project together and from that album is the hit song, Neni Ndinofara which I find to be a masterpiece”, said Rukanda.


Speaking to this publication, the Mberengwa born rural based gospel singer said since  2003 he has written over a thousand songs with lack of professional support and  resources hampering the musician’s promising career. The major challenge, according to the talented musician is to bring his musical products to the listeners..

Matcheza’s musical career was birthed when he fell blind in 2003. True to the adage, ‘troubles never come single’, the musical journey of Matcheza is  characterized pain and sorrow. Three albums reportedly ‘crushed’ before making it out to the streets.

”My first studio recording was in Harare in 2016 by the celebrated producer, Lyton Ngolome, but that album didn’t make it out. The producer said it ‘crushed’ and as someone who was offering his services for free, I could not get another production dashing all my hopes to smithereens.  I retraced my foot back to my rural home, Mberengwa in search for other opportunities”, Matcheza said. His first successful music project was the 2019 seven track album titled “Tisu Tinacho chitanda” but he believes the impact was not enough.

” My hope was to record just one album which I hoped to find help through. My first breakthrough was a seven track album in 2019 by the name “Tisu tinacho chitanda” unfortunately it did not have much impact except one play on YA FM”, said Adonia. However, it is his 8 track album by producer master flex last year November which tore his heart apart as just like his earlier projects, it crushed prior to completion.

“Unfortunately that album by Master Flex last year (2020) November lost all the vocals and I’m supposed to record again . However, on the upcoming album I will first release a single track titled “kubata basa raMwari”  anytime now.  Efforts to get a comment from Master Flex, the producer for the tragic album were not successful since he was yet to respond to our questions. However,  Allen Zakaria, producer for his upcoming album said Matcheza needs a serious and dedicated music manager who will help with distribution of his music to different radio stations.

“For his music to gain much impact he must hire a manager who will be responsible for music distribution and to organise shows for him to perform”, Said Zakaria. Despite unending challenges which include lack of backing vocalists and distribution his music, Matcheza’s dedication to spread the gospel through music saw him partnering with various music producers although he has not materially benefited much from such. ” I’m working with many producers who are helping me. MOD has my last album, I was expecting to have it this year but it appears the delay might take us to next year again”

For his upcoming album recorded last week in Zvishavane  Matcheza  enlisted the services of rising Zvishavane gospel producer Allen Zakaria, known in music circles as Allen Keys. The album was projected to be released this in December 2021 with indications pointing to the contrary. “His six track album would have been out already but I have  school pressure now and I’m hoping to complete it this December” Zakaria who is enrolled with Bulawayo Polytechnic College said..

For Matcheza to make progress in the musical sector, he needs to have his own equipment. Chengeto Shoko, a 35 year old gospel music lover from Mberengwa North and a devout member of Evangelical Lutheran Church says Adonia’s music is food that nourishes the believers souls. “To me his music songs are powerful biblical testimonies especially the songs ‘Itai ndikunde’ and ‘Bless me again’ from his last year album” She said.

To some fans such as Terence Moyo from Mataga, Adonia Mzezewa’s music is reminiscent of the late Paul Matavire, a blind legendary musician who was from the adjacent region of Mwenezi. “His music reminds me so much of Paul Matavire. He is actually good but just needs support to break through the dog eat dog field of music in Zimbabwe”, Moyo

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