Women urged to attend budget consultations

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Partinella Ngozo

Women in Kwekwe have been urged to attend the city council’s budget consultative meetings since most issues discussed affect women.

In a meeting which was held virtualy it was discovered that most women in Kwekwe did not attend budget meeting after consultations with them. It was noted that most women in Kwekwe did not have knowledge on what to expect on the budget consultation and also that they felt their voices were not being heard by council.

One participant Emelda Muzeziwa said that, the moment she heard budget she thought of numbers and didn’t know what to expect their since she didn’t like mathematics.

“The moment I hear budget I usually have an attitude I just think it’s not necessary to go there since I don’t even understand what they will be talking about,” she said.

Speaking during a virtual meeting Midlands Coordinator for Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe Gracia Mashingaidze said that, women have to attend because they are the ones paying for the services being rendered by City of Kwekwe.

“Our priorities matter in all this we cannot have someone budgeting for us as women because most of the issues discussed in those budget consultations affect us as women for example as women we go to hospital and we are the ones who use most of council services,” she said.

Mashingaidze adviced women on what to expect from the consultations so that they are not caught offguard.

“The city council must tell us how the previous budget performed and they should also highlight on the issue of money such as the devolution fund, covid-19 grant and ZINARA grant what they used it for and if the council is having any debt so far and how they plan to cover them,” she said.

Mashingaidze also highlighted that there was need for council to start income generating projects they have as council and they should tell residence how they used their money.

“There must be transparency in the budget consultation issues to do with tariffs would be mentioned and if they are to be increased or decreased from last year,” she said.

Women were also urged to speak up on what they want in the budget and how they want council to utilize their money.

Last year the Kwekwe City Council was forced to abort its consultative meetings after residents snubbed the process aimed at brainstorming and making proposals on the city’s projected 2021 budget.

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