Gokwe-Nkayi road in dilapidated condition

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Isheunesu Tirivangani

Gokwe-Nkayi road is in a dilapidated condition and it needs urgent overhaul before the rains falls and make it worse.

Gokwe-Nkayi road is a disaster on its own because transport use a strip road that was constructed a long time ago meant to make the transportation of cotton easier from Manoti, Marapira, Musala and other areas along the same route.

“It is sad for Zimbabwe to count 41 years of independence and keep claiming that they cannot construct that road to connect the farmers of Manoti, Marapira and Musala, this shows that it is a failed government,” said a villager identified as Mhazi.

One of the farmers who cannot be named on grounds of anonymity stated, “we are facing serious problems on transporting our fresh produce such as vegetables and tomatoes which they are perishable goods and fragile.

Tinotozosvika kumarket ava marara (by the time we arrive at the market they will no longer be fresh).

A road user identified as Obey Mhizha pointed out that the government is not putting enough effort to rehabilitate the road and the lives of people are at risk, and again the Sengwa Bridge is too low and at risk to cross when the river is flooded.

“It is sad to see contour ridges at the middle of the road and we are also witnessing big vehicles carrying cotton bales stuck in the ridges for more than a week and this may slow down the production process at a cotton company and it also becomes a fate for nation,” he said.

“Our trucks find it difficult to move from one place to another to pick up and drop cotton as a result of bad roads in Gokwe and we plead with the government to set aside a budget to construct roads that links to our cotton farmers,” said the COTCO Manager Mr Makomborero.

“As farmers, we find it hard for us to transport our grains to Gokwe GMB as the charges are too high to hire a lorry because they consider the state of the roads when charging us.

“The road is said to have a tarred road but we don’t see any, therefore we are pleading to the government to monitor and following up on the people they assign to do the job because some of them are very corrupt especially those who operating in remote areas,” said Mr Moyo.

“It is very true that Gokwe Nkayi road becomes a challenge not only to transporters but to farmers. Transporters are charging very high prices to farmers and at the end of the day they spend all money to transport. They are left with little to pay for their basic needs.

Makorokoza take advantage of those bad roads and pay very little to farmers to get the grain. Work should be started on the roads as soon as possible because it is going to be worse during this coming rain period,” said Mr Nyoni Gokwe Grain marketing Board Manager.

“I know government is overwhelmed by works on so many roads which are dotted all over the country but I think the Gokwe Nkayi road should be prioritised because of its usefulness,” Nyoni added.

The road links Gokwe and Nkayi and also provides a direct link between Gokwe and Bulawayo.

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