Young women urged to take leadership roles

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News desk

Young women have been urged to take up leadership positions, this came out during a conversation circle meeting which was held in Shurugwi recently by the Women’s Coalition Of Zimbabwe in partnership with HIVOs under a project titled Strengthening Collective Advocacy for Increased Women’s Leadership participation.

Speaking during the meeting Young Women’s Forum Chairperson Grace Mazambani said that it is high time young women take up leadership positions be it in political or social spaces so that their voices are heard.

“Section 56 of Zimbabwe’s Constitution recognizes the equality of all persons and explicitly outlaws discrimination on the grounds of sex or gender. Women and girls, therefore, ought to be able to claim their rights to full and effective participation in political and societal decision-making process,” she said.

Mazambani highlighted that women should desist from the ‘pull her down syndrome’ since this would demotivate others in trying to achieve leadership goals.

“As sisters we should try and be united to fight in the same territory so that we get leadership positions even in society. Let’s be in those positions, that is the only way we demand accountability to various stakeholders,” she said.

Florence Maringe a participant in the meeting also noted that, patriarchy was another hindrance that affected women who wanted to pursue leadership roles.

“Most women really love leadership positions but the patriarchal systems always hinders us because we were taught that men should lead in everything so I guess that we should start treating out children equally so that there is gender equality,” she said.

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