Gokwe Council to resolve water woes

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Isheunesu Tirivangani

Gokwe Town Council has approved construction of solar powered boreholes, a move that is set to address the water woes experienced in Gokwe.

Council chairperson, councillor Never Gwanzura on Monday confirmed the development.

“Gokwe Town Council contracted BGM, a private company to drill solar powered boreholes in six wards to ease the water challenges.

“The boreholes are meant to be solar powered, and so BGM will come to install the solar panels and tanks – that is what is left to be done.

“All this is being done at a cost of ZW$18 million. We are doing this to compliment the tap water system that we already have in the town. We expect the water issues to be resolved,” he said.

Water is a perennial problem in Gokwe especially during summer season when the water table is low, as a result, residents endure difficult periods without water.

However, council believes that the permanent solution to the water challenges is taking water management rights from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa).

“Life can only return to normality once boreholes are drilled because the water will always be available in our locations,” said Mai Dhewa of Sasame 2.

“Thank you to both Gokwe Town Council and BGM for their support and commitment towards the people of Gokwe and your generosity in this dark time. We have been witnessing a lot of challenges after going for couple of weeks without water in Gokwe,” said Mr Chinyemaba a businessmen.

“This move by Gokwe Town council in conjunction with BGM is greatly appreciated as we will soon goodbye to water problems in Gokwe” he added.

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