Polyclinic and GBV safe-house for Gokwe-Mapfungautsi nears completion

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Partinella Ngozo

Gokwe Town Council has revealed that the polyclinic and safe-house to cater for victims of gender based violence in the Mapfungautsi area is near completion.

Some previous reports had claimed that Mapfungautsi area had been forgotten in developmental projects but the Gokwe council has proved that wrong with a polyclinic which is near completion.

Speaking to this publication the Deputy Mayor of Gokwe Charity Mungwani said that as council they had realised that most GBV cases were not being reported to the police and also that there was need for a clinic for Mapfungautsi villagers hence the project of a polyclinic as well as a safe house for victims of GBV.

“As council we are building a 40 roomed polyclinic in Mapfungautsi which is now 99%complete and we are looking forward to get space for GBV victims,” she said.

Mungwani also highlighted that most women didn’t report cases of GBV to the police because some people felt victimised by the police therefore the council is looking forward to get a safe house for victims at Mapfungautsi polyclinic.

“It’s so sad that victims of rape are asked unnecessary questions for example GBV victims are asked plenty of questions, i.e why it happened etc and this is not fair since they would require counseling and treatment,” she said.

Villagers in Mapfungautsi welcomed the council’s initiative and women who were interviewed expressed gratitude with the development so far and hope that the polyclinic would be opened soon because for them it is costly going to Gokwe center for medical checkups.

“We are so happy that the clinic is almost complete because we would travel to Gokwe center for medical treatment and this was very costly to us especially for me since I’m pregnant I usually go for my checkups in Gokwe when my blood pressure is high,” said Mavis Moyo one of the villagers.

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