Solar street lights for Gokwe

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Isheunesu Tirivangani

Gokwe Town Council has embarked on the installation of solar street lights in town after residents complained that it had become dangerous to move around after dark.

Gokwe south residents who are in danger of being attacked by robbers when negotiating their way during late hours due to the absence of streets lights along the roads expressed dissatisfication over the situation.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter, Gokwe Deputy Mayor, Charity Mungwani confirmed that they are planning to install solar lights.

“…we also planned to power those streets lights using solar system such that they work on 24 hours,” she said.

The situation of street lights had reached an alarming level according to residents who spoke with this reporter.

A vendor identified as Zidzai was attacked by some unknown assailants while herding to the market well known as “Gokwe craft “ to buy vegetables for sell along Mapfungautsi road. He was rushed to the hospital but went into comma. The incident transpired recently.

“The most venerable roads are those which connect the Central Business District (CBD) from residential areas. Something needs to be done as soon as possible to assure safety to the residents,” said a resident identified as Mukono.

“I almost hit a donkey last time when returning home from work due to lack of streets on the roads. Gokwe town is growing this means the movement of motorists and pedestrians is also increasing therefore not only streets lights are needed but the robots too,” added another resident.

Mungwani said the council is doing all they can to make sure that they rectify the challenge of street lights.

“We are aware of the issue involving the streets lights and we are pleading with the residents to be patient because the work has already started.

“We agreed to set up them in such a way that they would not affect the motorists and causes unnecessary accidents. We also planned to power those streets lights using solar system such that they work on 24 hours” she said.

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