Visual arts mentorship program for rural PWDs launched

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Emmanuel Hove Mhike

A young visual artist, Keith Zenda has launched a special visual arts mentorship program targeting people with disabilities (PWD) at his Arts Center in Makepesi, Lower Gweru.

Besides financial assistance, PWDs need help in pursuing their talents and dreams, this is why Zenda thought about helping PWDs with something that keep them busy, stress free, relaxed, happy and hopeful.

“As an Artist doing painting full time sitting at home, I thought of people with Disabilities that are just like me they spend most of their time sitting at home doing nothing. I decided to teach them Art to keep them busy, happy and to have hope in life. I’m so happy to tell you that Art is proving to be therapeutic, taking PWDs out of depression and stress,” said Zenda.

Samuel Sifani (23) is one of the PWDs benefiting from the visual arts mentorship program. He expressed gratitude to the mentor for artistic, intellectual and emotional development as well as bringing hope in his life.

“This mentorship program intiated by Sir Zenda has brought hope in my life and also relief that I can do what other people can buy and appreciate. This program has proved to be more than artistic education to me, it has impacted my artistic, intellectual and emotional development positively. One day I will make a lot of money from my artworks because this program provides us with professional practical and meaningful work experience on our skill and self curating on our work,” said Sifelani.

Midlands Provincial Arts and Culture Officer Reward Shockson said Keith Zenda is a generous and amazing artist and is proud working with in the creative industry.

“Keith Zenda is one of the few outstanding artists I’m working with in the Culture and Creative industry. We are very lucky in the Midlands province to have Keith Zenda. Besides his great art works, his philanthropic work raise the status of talented but underprivileged young people in rural communities.

The Ministry of Youth Sport Arts and Recreation will always support artists like Zenda who have incredible ideas that contribute to social and economic development. I encourage other artists to take a leaf from Keith so that they can sacrifice and selflessly help other people realize their dreams,” said Shockson.

Keith Zenda is a rural based Visual artist whose works have been exhibited and sold in Africa, Europe and America. He owns a spacious and beautiful self funded Arts and Culture centre at Makepesi, Lower Gweru. Besides the special program targeting PWDs, Keith Zenda has a number of self funded artistic Projects going on at the center.

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