Gokwe villagers castigate authorities over poor road network

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Sithabile A Ndlela

Nemangwe villagers in ward 12, Svisvi area have castigated the authorities for doing nothing to fix the roads that have become unbearable for road users.

Villagers who spoke with this publication said the roads are no longer safe for motorists and urgent action is needed to rectify this problem.

“It is not the highway only that needs to be maintained but also the ones that lead to the business centers and to other schools like Boyi primary school and Kwaramba. These roads need to be fixed or probably make gravel roads. There is need for a bridge at Sasame river so that cars can cross to Boyi Primary school,” said Ncube a Villager from Boyi.

“The Gokwe-Chitekete road is not pleasing at all because it has many potholes and this might lead to dangerous accidents. The Chitekete highway has also been destroyed by heavy rains including bridges such as Svisvi Bridge and Sasame Bridge.

“As the Village head I urge my fellow villagers that we must cooperate, work together and try to maintain these roads and bridges to avoid accidents and save lives,” said Josiya Dhlana, a village head from Svisvi.

However, Councillor Masara Masheyedzanwa said that the Road Authority is working on these problems. He told this reporter that they have already started mending the potholes and as for the gullies like the one at the 31 km peg from Gokwe Centre along Chitekete Road, they have already brought the building materials to mend the gullies for it is very bad.


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