‘Provide solutions to the drainage system’ council urged.

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Sithabile. A. Ndlela

Gokwe residents have urged the town authorities to deal with the challenges of the drainage system that have continuously affected homesteads, this publication can reveal.

Residents recently came to arms with the council protesting over the poor drainage system which is affecting their homesteads. In some homesteads, people had to dig long trenches so that water does not enter their houses.

According to the residents who spoke with this publication, they described how the drainage system is working in locations such as Sasame where some of these drains are poorly done and in some instances destroying roads.

“The drains in Sasame are destroying roads because they have not been constructed properly and this problem needs an urgent solution before the roads become gullies,” said a resident identified as Mbizo Jonathan from Sasame 1.

“This drainage system project is destroying our yards and roads because it was done during the rainy season and some are not yet properly constructed with concrete. This has become a threat to our health and to our children because they cannot play outdoors since the yards will be filled with water,” said Mdudusi Matsheza from Nyaradza.

Some residents explained that these drainages are only helping those who have no houses in areas such as Njelele.

“The motorists have also abandoned the gravel road at Runganga filling station due to “dams” dug across the road there by the council,” said a resident identified as Matsheza.

Gokwe Deputy Mayor Charity Mungwani promised that the council is doing its best to provide solutions to these problems.

“Our engineer is doing his best to work with other professionals to redirect the drainage from the locations. They are surveying a perfect way for the drainages because we have also raised the resident’s concerns. I want to urge the residents to stay calm because we are trying to provide solutions to these problems caused by the drainage system project,” she said.

Residents will be hoping that this challenge will be rectified sooner rather than late because this is an issue that needs urgent attention.

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