Lack of exposure negatively impact upcoming musicians

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Isheunesu Tirivangani

Gokwe musicians have bemoaned the lack of talent exposure as a major setback in becoming famous in the country, this publication can reveal.

Gokwe’s promising hip-hop musician Marshal Walter Makwekwe who spoke with this reporter stated that without enough exposure talent hidden in most upcoming artists based in periphery urban areas will remain a pipe in the dream no matter the potential they possess.

“We have a lot of talented musicians of different genres in Gokwe, already they are disadvantaged and cannot rise because there are no platforms designed to showcase their talents where they are,” he said.

Relating his experience and analysis on upcoming musicians, Makwekwe who grew up in Gokwe and was motivated by 261 whiskey, has several songs, but only managed to record six of them.

“In my library, I have over 20 songs, however, due to financial challenges, only 6 have been recorded so far. These include, ‘kure newe’, ‘don’t leave me’, ‘ripai ngozi’, and ‘chiedza’ amongst others and are circulating on social media platforms. But there is no publicity as well as affordable platforms to showcase what we as upcoming peri-urban musicians have, hence we are only known by a few individuals around us.

“I was inspired by 216 Whiskey and Holy-Ten to venture into the music industry. But, I discovered my talent when I was only 15-years of age while participating in both marimba band and music,” explained Makwekwe.

The 18-year-old singer believes that given enough support music can help more artists to be forces to reckon with in their respective communities. He urged the Ministry of Information, Ministry of arts, the Media houses, and music promoters to give equal opportunities to both urban, peri-urban and rural artists so that no one will be left behind.

“People like Jah Prayzah (Mukudzei Mukombe) grew up in rural areas. He was given an opportunity and now some young people in Uzumba see him as a source of inspiration. Despite the background, one can achieve greater things and make the country proud regionally and internationally.

“I am appealing to the Ministry of information, Publicity, and Broadcasting that whenever there is a national event such as the Independence Day celebrations and National Galas, they should also consider artists from rural and peri-urban communities. This also applies to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts, and Culture, they have to come up with a talent supporting initiative in partnership with some promoters targeting upcoming musicians in the same areas, so that they discover and nature talent,” said Makwekwe.

“Just to add on that, media houses and freelance journalists must give equal coverage to musicians in rural areas because publicity is the most important tool in life for those in the music industry because it helps them to grow,” suggested Donbert his producer.

However, apart from being a musician where he resides, Walter Makwekwe also wants to be an actor and a person who motivates other people, especially other upcoming musicians through life experiences.

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