Gokwe motorists welcome road rehabilitation exercise

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Isheunesu Tirivangani

Motorists in Gokwe have welcomed the road rehabilitation program that is being implemented by the town council through the devolution funds and in collaboration with the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP), this publication can reveal.

Gokwe Town Council is accelerating the implementation of roads in the Central Business Districts (CBD) so that they are completed within the set deadlines. The project kick-started in October and was supposed to end by 31 January 2022. However, the council did not meet the deadline but pleaded for an extension so that they do justice to the roads.

Motorists who spoke with this reporter stated that the state of the roads was unbearable because oftentimes they were forced to visit the mechanics after damaging shocks and ball joints due to potholes. To make matters worse some of the roads have been damaged by the rains resulting in many gullies forming on the roads.

“We are grateful for this road rehabilitation program, we have been complaining about these roads for quite some time now and for the town council to finally take action, it is something that we applaud. I believe that the road rehabilitation program will inspire us towards attaining the Vision 2030 goals in line with the Government’s economic trajectory,” said a motorist identified as Tapiwa Chirongedze.

“The roads have been dangerous to travel on with endless potholes especially for us kombi drivers because the passengers’ lives will be upon us so we have to do our best to make sure that we travel safely. So with the potholes or should I call them dongers it was a challenge, but we are so happy with this road rehabilitation exercise that will allow us to travel smoothly and safely, on the roads,” said a kombi driver identified as Nyasha Mhishi.

Another motorist, Samuel Munhuwa said the rehabilitation of roads will make the movement to the CBD easier, especially when transporting goods from one place to another.

“It is a very good thing to rehabilitate the roads because there were serious traffic jams. Traffic jams were rife and the rehabilitation of the roads will ease this problem,” Munhuwa added.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter Gokwe Deputy Mayor, Charity Mungwani stated that they are making strides to ensure that the program is completed soon in order for motorists to have a safe flow of moving without having to negotiate potholes.

“The rehabilitation of Gokwe CBD roads is a high impact life-changing project and we are making efforts to complete the project within the set deadlines. ZINARA last year also released $700000 towards road repair and maintenance. So we are resurfacing a total of 1 086km in the Central Business District (CBD) under the ERRP. The ERRP is complimenting devolution funds as the local authority has moved a gear up in rehabilitating roads not only in the CBD but in Njelele, Green Valley, Sasami, Mapfungautsi residential areas,” Mungwani said.

The road rehabilitation program will be a step in the right direction if Gokwe is going to contribute towards the Vision 2030 Agenda.

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