TAD to launch Gokwe, Midlands Textile & Fashion Industry

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Isheunesu Tirivangani

The African Democrats (T.A.D) political party will be launching the Sadza Super Maize Meal milling plant, fashion industry, and other national youths projects in Gokwe in a bid to improve the livelihoods of people in the Community.

TAD is a political organization formed in 2017 and founded by Marco Machona based in South Africa and will be contesting for the by-elections as well as the upcoming harmonized presidential elections come 2023.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter, President of TAD, Machona said with the support of both the private and public sectors, FM Machona and TAD leadership will be able to create 10 000 jobs in the food industry alone.

“Food security is described as production, storage, packaging, distribution, and consumption, therefore unpacking any of these means industries and jobs will be created. Gokwe is an Agricultural hub of Zimbabwe. The Gokwe we know is in need of the textile and fashion-related industries to create jobs for locals and export finished textile products from our rural fields,” said Machona.

During the Love and Defend Your Country Tour, Machona and the TAD leadership will launch the Gokwe & Midlands Textile and Fashion Industries that will coordinate cotton farmers to appreciate cotton processing and production of fabrics in areas where cotton is grown.

“With the support of the Zimbabwe government and private sector, TAD leadership will create more than 10 000 jobs that are related to our Gokwe, “Cotton to Fabric Youths Projects. Fashion and Entertainment go hand in hand, therefore, TAD will build music studios at Gokwe Center for our youths to record music in their hometown. This will eradicate issues to do with drugs and robberies,” said Machona.

Machona emphasized that more focus should be given to resuscitating the economy rather than focusing on the political structures. He said the economy is far more important than the political slogans.

“Economic structures supersede political structures in our organization. Without Economic Power, we are left with empty slogans and frustration that often leads to Political Violence. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop. Progressive Politics is about empowering ourselves even under political uncertainty. We are experts in giving hope and leading the way even under darkness,” he said.

He added that since the formation of TAD in 2017 at Wits University, the organization has always taken pride in changing the discourse or the style of politics in Zimbabwe to balance the needs of people and the political realities.

“Progressive Politics means improvement in political engagement through the establishment of practical job-creating initiatives. We are currently implementing our party manifesto that instructs our organization to deliver even when not in power.

“Our leadership style will continue to set our organization apart from the rest. While other organizations campaign to be voted and achieve the above, TAD will deliver without a single vote. The difference is in leadership style. Empty vessels are known for noise, not working. Science is silent,” he added.

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