Independent distributor saving lives in Gokwe’s remote areas

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Sithabile Ndlela

Trust Musiiwa from Mandava village in Chief Nemangwe’s area suffered from a stroke in 2017 and was no longer able to walk or do things on his own such as washing, other chores, and even eating. For many people in the village walking for him became impossible. However, the situation changed when he met Sabelo Mandava in 2021.

“Sometimes I thought being dead was the best option because it was not easy to spend the whole day sleeping while doing nothing. I used to be a footballer, but now I am no longer able to kick a ball. However, when some of my friends advised me to attend Mandava’s sessions at his homestead everything changed, now I can walk on my own. All Thanks To Sabelo Mandava’s job with his machines,” said Musiiwa.

Mandava is an independent distributor of Tiens from Gokwe South district under Chief Nemangwe who started the Tiens lessons and how to use the Tiens Machines in 2010 in order to help his community.

Some villagers in the community had suffered from a mild stroke, Elephantiasis, and High Blood pressure for the past years and could not get immediate help. Some even lost their lives due to mild stroke and others got paralysed because there were no machines to treat them, but thanks to Mandava and his Tiens Machines villagers now have something to smile about.

Speaking with this reporter Mandava expressed gratitude to his clients who have accepted his work.

“I am happy that my fellow community members have accepted my programme. To be able to save lives in my community is something that I cherish and I am glad that people are feeling great about this initiative. This is a great machine that can do stroke recoveries more than the Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction.

“I started the lessons in 2010 and on 06 May 2011 I bought the Tiens Machines. So basically I can say I started the program in my community in 2011 because that is when I started helping people although it was at a low rate, the few people who have been here being helped and some even recovered from the stroke,” said Mandava.

The Tiens machines have different types, there is the Tiens Multifunctional Leg Massager and the Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction. According to Mandava these machines were invented by Guazh Jen from China. The Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction machine is very small but it works in a miraculous way because it cures all intestinal diseases, severe headaches, uttery convulsions and it also helps with stroke recoveries.

“The Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction helps on stroke recoveries because it activates blood circulation and also dysfunctional muscles.

“I do this program beyond doubt because at first I was curing for free and no one in my community disagreed that I can cure stroke, reduce Blood Pressure and even help those who are suffering from legs with too much fat,” said Mandava.

Mandava stated that the Multifunctional Leg Massager cures legs, activates infected leg cells, facilitates blood circulation, and also massage legs while reducing fat from legs.

Ellen Nyoni, a Nemangwe resident who also suffered from mild stroke applauded Mandava for doing wonders with his work while saving lives.

“I urge my fellow community members to take Mandava’s Program seriously because it is a lifesaver. It saved me and I was able to regain my consciousness through his Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction machine,” said Nyoni.

Village Heads are pleased with the work being done by Mandava because he is helping his fellow community members as well as others from different areas across the nation.

“I am happy with Mandava’s work. He is from here, he grew up in this community and I am happy that he is helping his fellow community members. This is a great work indeed,” said Mitsho a village head from Chief Nemangwe.

Mandava dreams of a day that he opens a workshop with electricity so that his machines can work properly and thereby continue to save lives.

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