Gokwe residents applaud the commissioning of Mapfungautsi Clinic

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Isheunesu Tirivangani and Sithabile Ndlela

Gokwe residents have welcomed the opening up of Mapfungautsi Polyclinic saying that it will ease the work of health workers. The clinic was recently commissioned by the Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister, Larry Mavhima.

The commissioning of Mapfungautsi Polyclinic has been delayed for the past five years with a myriad of challenges facing the community as a result. Finally, the Gokwe community is rejoicing after witnessing its official opening.

This new health facility is expected to respond to double burden of increased morbidity and mortality posed by both communicable and non-communicable diseases. Minister Mavhima expressed gratitude to the Gokwe Town Council for leveraging on the rewards of devolution and the Gokwe community for embracing the project to become successful.

“This establishment of multi-purpose health care facility will go a long way towards improving our capacity to respond to all infections and non-infectious diseases as well as maternal and child health care services,” he said.

The health facility is composed of four male wards and four female wards, two ante-natal care rooms and three postnatal rooms, and outpatient services.

“The clinic will generally offer the following primary health care services as guided by the Ministry of Health and Child Care provision: out-patient services, maternal health services, comprehensive HIV/AIDS care services, transitory admissions, environmental health services, counseling services and expanded program on immunization services,” said Mavhima.

The Mayor of Gokwe Never Gwanzura, appreciated the community and the central government’s intervention through allocations of devolution funds to complement Gokwe Town Council’s efforts.

“A healthy population is crucial for the realization of economic growth and the achievement of an upper-middle-income society as well as for Gokwe to achieve municipal success by 2025,” he said.

Good health is central to human happiness and well-being because it fosters economic progress, as healthy populations live longer, and therefore become more productive.

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