MDC-Alliance fails to pay Polling agents

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Partinella Ngozo

The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-Alliance) has failed to pay its polling agents in the just ended by-elections, this publication can reveal.

The Polling agents from Kwekwe who spoke with this publication accused the MDC-Alliance led by Douglas Mwonzora for failing to pay what they had promised the polling agents.

Speaking during an interview with the polling agents who all refused to be named fearing victimization, they said they were exploited by the MDC-Alliance and regret accepting the offer to assist them as agents during elections.

“It is very unfortunate that because of poverty we were used to work for them. Imagine on Election Day other party officials were receiving food and would also exchange each other, while for us it was tough. Food was not delivered until we complained that is when we got something around 3pm and we were told that our money would be available just after the elections but nothing came up until now. We are still waiting for them,” he said.

The polling agents further highlighted that they did not receive transport allowances after elections and one of them slept at a police station while others had to travel back to their respective areas using their own money.

“I won’t even forget what happened on that day, imagine after all the promises I took money from creditors to make sure that we go for the trainings and after all that effort they are refusing to pay us. When we asked them in the group they created (WhatsApp group) they are no longer responding to us and those who tried to engage them were removed from the group,” she said.

MDC-Alliance aspiring candidate for Kwekwe Central Constituency Mbekezela Ndlovhu when contacted for comment said that the polling agents are supposed to be paid by the party.

“The issue should be directed to the party leadership I am just a candidate and I am not supposed to answer that but instead should be directed to the party leadership,” he said.

When asked for a comment MDC-Alliance Ward 10 aspiring candidate Aaron Gwalazimba had no kind words but preferred that this reporter should reveal the source.

“…I am asking you who reported that issue to you, if you do not want to tell me the name and saving that person forget about it because I want to know the person,” he asked.

Exploitation of Polling Agents in Zimbabwe is increasing due to poverty, most people fall victims from most aspiring candidates who make promises and fail to deliver.


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