Ingezi hit by water crisis

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…as school and clinic depend on philanthropists

Arnold Dube

Water crisis in Ingezi area in Mberengwa have reached alarming levels with the few lifesaving boreholes needing attention if the situation is to be salvaged with Ingezi Primary School and Ingezi Clinic relying on well-wishers with personal boreholes for the precious liquid.

The area used to rely on community boreholes which are all dysfunctional plunging the Ingezi into a messy situation. Ingezi community which involves kraal heads Sivangiwa ,Hlamba ,Tichagwa,Kuse ,Mguza and Madanha as well as the business center and the school found themselves having to rely on water from unprotected water sources such as open wells, streams and the Corocodile infested Ngezi river.

The information gathered by Community Voices Zimbabwe reveals that Ingezi Primary has been relying on a nearby open well posing a health hazard until at some stage one villager who has a family borehole decided to rescue the school. Doreen Hungwe, a local farmer was moved by the situation and sensing the potential health hazard, decided to play a philanthropic role.

“As a human being and fellow villager, I was deeply moved by the situation and could not afford to fold my hands while the school and its students faced such a dire situation. I saw children and teachers fetching water in this stream which is used for everything ranging from bush toilet to dump site.”

Efforts to get a comment from the School Head hit a snag as she was reportedly out on census business. However, one teacher who requested anonymity confirmed the dire water situation at the school by curtly saying ,” there is no water here”, before rushing to catch the bus to his home area as he had already knocked off.

Another Villager and business person in Ingezi area Mr Gerald Sibanda, said: “All I can say is that I  see people flocking to a very small spring where they all fetch water for home consumption “. Stories were narrated of people losing their lives while fetching water in the Crocodile infested Ingezi river.

The situation is not only peculiar to the villages as Ingezi Clinic is  not spared. In the past, a community well-wisher used to provide water to the clinic from his family borehole hoping that relevant authorities would urgently come on board to solve the water challenges the health institution was facing but noting the growing dependency on his water facility, he then decided to withdraw the support.

A local headman , Tawanda Hove confirmed the support rendered by the local villager to Ingezi Clinic giving temporary reprieve to the health facility before withdrawing the support.

“I can confirm that the Mr Dewa used to supply the clinic with water out of generosity. Yes you see it’s not only the clinic but the water situation here is not very pleasing ,if only we can find a good donation we will show them two boreholes drilled by the Buchwa mine which can be flushed and improve our situation.” He further pointed the School Borehole used to assist the community but the burden for electricity costs were burdening the school as villagers were not able to assist in recouping the costs incurred. However, the Headman was very optimistic that the water situation will improve if two boreholes drilled by Buchwa mine are flushed and installed.

Buchwa Mine used to bring life to the Ingezi area with its closure spelling doom and suffering for the whole of Mberengwa.

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