Gweru School bans yellow uniforms

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Dumisani Ndlovu

A crisis has hit a Gweru School over the colour of students’ uniforms after some parents stormed the institution, threatening to remove their children if its traditional yellow uniforms are not abandoned.

Eaglets School principal, Blazio Maruta confirmed the incident saying although they were in the process of engaging the parent ministry over the matter, they decided to adopt a different colour for next term.

“Yes, after getting the misleading information, panic-stricken parents approached us demanding we either change the uniform or they remove their children from our school.  We then called for an emergency meeting where they insisted we should change the colour of the uniform. We told them we had not yet received a circular from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Schools, but however, advised those not comfortable with the uniform to adopt our white prefects’ uniforms.

Another school official Aaron Ndaba Banda advised parents not to rely on social media.

“I would like to advise parents not to rely on social media as a school we have our own channel of communication. As of now, we have no circular from the ministry,” said Banda.

The school which was established in 2018 had a golden-yellow uniform, which coincidentally replicate that of the newly established political party, Citizen Coalition for Change CCC led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Yellow is the colour adopted by the newly formed opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

But part of the parents at the school expressed displeasure over the change of the school uniform, describing it as overburdening them.

“It is shocking that the school has ordered pupils not to wear their traditional yellow uniforms.  Parents who attended the meeting said were directed to change the uniform with effect from the second term. This is like adding salt to the already bleeding wound. We are struggling to raise tuition fees and the decision is another burden to most of us,’’ said one, Idah Mamombe.

Another parent Gamuchirai Marava is finding it difficult to make ends meet, yet the school has decided to burden them with what she labelled as an unnecessary expense.

“Honestly this is highly uncalled for, we like the school because it has improved our children’s education. I like the quality of education at the school, but the issue of changing the uniform is quite stressful,’ said Marava.

The school Principal, Blazio Maruta said the verbal decision came after some panicky parents stormed the school, threatening to transfer their children, should the school decide not to change the “risky” uniform.
PTUZ president Takavafira Zhou is on record describing the announcement as a nullity.

Speaking to this reporter Zhou said that although his office did not get an official communication from the said school, it is not logical for a school to change the colour of its uniform considering that schools adopted the colour first before the formation of CCC.

“Whoever made the alleged decree may try to discourage schools from choosing the colour but that cannot be done for schools already using yellow since laws cannot be applied retrospectively,’’ he said.

A message circulated on social media platforms claiming the decree for both pupils and teachers not to wear anything yellow was made during a recent meeting of school heads in Marondera, though it is not clear who gave the instruction.

By wearing yellow, teachers would inadvertently be showing their allegiance to CCC.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education says it has nothing to do with an alleged instruction to school heads and teachers that yellow colours were now banned in schools.


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