Witch Hunters (Tsikamutandas) wreak havoc in Nemangwe Village

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…as villagers call for action 

Isheunesu Tirivangani

Villagers in Gokwe under Chief Nemangwe are crying foul over the con-men identified as Tsikamutands (witch-hunters), who are allegedly terrorising villagers through serious demands, this publication can reveal.

According to a source that requested anonymity, the victims are being forced to part with livestock or cash to pay the Tsikamutandas in Nemangwe area.

Ratidzo Chawasara a villager in Nemangwe area said it is disturbing that the Tsikamutandas make demands that are beyond the villagers reach. She said many villagers believe that these are thieves that are trying to strip villagers off their hard earned livestock.

“Giving cattle and beasts to the Tsikamutandas is daylight robbery. These people that just because we reside in Gokwe means that we are not able to think and view that people are trying to steal from us. Tiri vanhuwo vanofunga (we can also think just like anyone else). These hungry and fake people think they can take all our livestock for free and walk away. We are tired of these people and we wish if something could be done soon, they should be arrested for stealing, they are here to steal our livestock and they lie that they remove evil spirits,” she added.

Another villager Nicole Mushetwa condemned the Tsikamutandas suggesting that law must take its course to punish those Tsikamutandas that are stripping innocent villagers off their livestock.

“As villagers we are not going to entertain and tolerate such thing to happen in our community. We are urging and pleading with our Chief, Chief Nemangwe to exercise his powers and authority to deal with the Tsikamutandas in our villages because they are robing us instead of assisting us,” she added.

Chief Nemangwe said that it is an unfortunate development that is taking place in his area. But he has vowed to do anything in his capacity to make sure that the issue is dealt with.

“It is very unfortunate that some of these Tsikamutandas are real thieves who pretend to have done good for the ailing people yet they will be just making a way of stealing money, cattle, and goats from innocent people. We are seriously unhappy with these day light robbers, and l am now requesting the Tsikamutandas to produce valid certificates or identity cards from ZINATHA for them to perform their activities in the area.

Inspector Chanetsa Chigumba who is also the Police Spokesperson in Gokwe said what the Tsikamutandas are doing is unacceptable. He advised villagers to claim letters of operation for the Tsikamutandas and to report and suspicious actions by the self-proclaimed healers.

“Let me give a warning to the people in rural areas of Nemangwe in Gokwe South and Gokwe North that they must boldly request those Tsikamutandas to produce valid letters, and report to us for any suspects whom they think are robing them,” said Chigumba.

David Matare Zivagwe of ZINATHA said Traditional healers should follow the proper procedures, and protocols whenever they want to contact their work so that they avoid unnecessary harassment from the law enforcement.

“We are also aware of the fake Traditional healers who operate in our name and some of them are those who are not registered. Let me put it clear that these people to us are ghosts, therefore we ask the police to do their job because those people are thieves who are stealing people’s cows and goats very open and dismally.

“The government of Zimbabwe has granted us the permission to do our operations with the aid of the valid letters issued by ZINATHA but to my surprise there are some other people who are using our organization’s name to manipulate and steal villagers’ money and beasts,” said Zivagwe.

Action is needed soon to assist villagers against the Tsikamutandas who continue to terrorise villagers while claiming to remove evil spirits from families.

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