Gokwe Town Council and Kambasha Community finally reach a consensus

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Sithabile Ndlela and Isheunesu tirivanganiC

Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation (CCMT) managed to settle conflicts between Kambasha Community and Gokwe Town Council (GTC) through a successful dialogue that was held at Leisure Lounge yesterday.

There was a conflict between Kambasha community (Gokwe South) and Gokwe Town Council for a long period of time as Gokwe town council wanted to expand its territory by changing Kambasha community from being a rural area to low density suburbs. However, the Kambasha community refuted this development saying they can not be removed from their community which they have settled for a long time. But, through the intervention of (CCMT) they have finally reached an agreement. The Kambasha community will now be given first preference to purchase the new residential stands.

GTC Chairperson Never Gwanzura showed gratitude while appreciating the great work done by CCMT to resolve the conflict between Kambasha and GTC.

“I am very happy that CCMT managed to solve our conflict and I appreciate CCMT’s great work because this conflict has been happening for a long time. I am also happy that Kambasha community has agreed to the development which is being done by GTC. I give thanks to CCMT for helping us and also to Kambasha community for agreeing to the resettlement programme, this helps us in developing our city and to reach the Vision 2030,” said Gwanzura.

Chief Njelele was happy because of this agreement between GTC and Kambasha community because the conflict amongst the two party was not good for the Gokwe community.

“I am happy that we found a good friend (CCMT) which helped us in solving our differences through a dialogue not just a talk, because of them today we are celebrating the signing ceremony of the MOU,” said Chief Njelele .

Member of Parliament for Gokwe Mapfungautsi constituency, Tapiwa Karikoga emphasised the issue of developing Gokwe with the theme ‘Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’ (the country is built by its own people)

“Let us set aside political issues and political conflicts so that together we develop our Gokwe, for the land is developed by its owners,” said Karikoga.

CCMT’s coordinator Xavier Mudongo said that it is a great honour to finally manage uniting the Kambasha community Gokwe town council.

“As CCMT we are happy that we managed to unite Kambasha community and GTC because it is rare to settle such conflicts,” he said.

Kambasha community members were happy with this agreement. Speaking with this publication Manase Mandongwe said that they are happy as a community.

“As a community we are happy because we are being given the first preference on buying these stands,”he said.

Tichawona Mukoora ward 6 councillor said, “I am very happy that my ward is being developed from being a rural area to a low density suburb, our Gokwe is developing well.”

Gokwe residents were grateful and they showed gratitude to CCMT on managing in solving the conflict they had and in facilitating the signing of the MOU between Kambasha community and Gokwe town Council



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