Paramount FC calls for talent identification in rural communities

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Isheunesu Tirivangani

Gokwe based Paramount United FC has advised the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture to visit the rural areas and identify talent in upcoming footballers as well as other sport disciplines in a bid to groom super stars and athletes for the future.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter, the information correspondent for Paramount United FC Mmeli Tshili said it is a shame that the Youths of today are unfortunate because no one is coming up to identify their talents during their sporting activities, this makes their dreams buried in the graves.

“Most of these youths are unemployed so they end up venturing into some arrogance and vandalism attitude because of not being attended to, and being elevated in sports hierarchy. Once the Youths are occupied and given priority they become a very good team of disciplined people, unlike if they are just ignored.

“We appeal to the government to intervene on scouting of talents in the sports fraternity here in the rural areas, to nurture them into full principality of football. Once the youths are identified and recognized they will help uplift themselves and the nation at large.

“Gokwe has a potential of producing good soccer stars and athletes of high quality as witnessed before with the likes of Energy Murambadoro an International footballer whose origins in soccer emanated from the sandy backyard pitches of Mafungautsi in Gokwe center, and the football grounds of Gokwe Police and Njelele High School. Also Manyuchi the boxer came from Gokwe,” said Tshili.

Speaking with one of the supporters, Wiseman Chimombe said communal Gokwe has a lot of talented footballers that needs support to see them on international games not just here.

“If it is possible after talent scouting the selected boys may need to be divided into clusters where they meet and train, and also to provide them with a time to clash as clusters in order to come up with a good team, where players can be seen with other big teams like Dynamos,” he added.

Obert Nobert Zinyama Paramount United FC captain raised some concerns including the poor grounds with hard surfaces, talent not being explores and also the scarcity of training equipment including soccer balls, cones and medicals equipment.

Gokwe Deputy Mayor Charity Mungwani said as Gokwe Town Council (GTC) they have put measures in place in order to come up with recreational facilities for the youths a thing that is being evidenced by grounds allocated per location meant for the youths.

“As Gokwe town Council we are working on coming up with an area which we will set a stadium. GTC once did something some time ago, but only failed because of the inconvenience of the place and shortage of water for irrigation of the lawn planted in ground,” she added.

A source within the District Office for the Ministry of Sports in Gokwe said that there is need for small clubs to engage in sustainability projects to raise funds so that they can join the bigger leagues where talent can be showcased to everyone including foreign scouters.

“As a Ministry we initiated the club system which saw Paramount and Chemumvuri Pirates affiliating to ZIFA (Zimbabwe Football Association), the national body which makes them play with clubs from other towns and cities making them available for scouting and growth. Initially I have encouraged clubs to have income generating projects to sustain their football clubs. Most clubs, however did not buy it or could not raise capital for the projects as a result we face serious challenges of sustainability. I think if we could get sponsors for projects for individual clubs to sustain their day to day running,” said the source.

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