World Vision uplifts Gokwe community through sustainable projects

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Isheunesu Tirivangani

World Vision (WV) has partnered Gokwe Town Council through the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to equip urban residents, including women and youths with agricultural business projects, and entrepreneurial skills in a bid to improve the livelihoods of the Gokwe community.

This initiative comes at a time when the country is facing economic woes that have seen residents in Gokwe struggling to navigate through life. Prices have ballooned in the past weeks with the annual consumer price inflation jumping to 131.7% in May of 2022, from 96.4% in the prior month, the highest inflation rate since last May, as the currency plunged after the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe introduced a new interbank rate at 276 per dollar on May 9th. This has made life difficult not just for the Gokwe community but the nation at large.
The income generating projects being implemented by World Vision will go a long way to assist the Gokwe community through their day to day living.

Ward 1 councilor Davis Taruvinga showed his appreciation on what World Vision has done in his ward. He said many households are going to benefit from the projects, and that vulnerable groups should not remain in the same situation.

“If our people are trained on certain projects and get equipped, it means all the challenges they might be facing can be easily solved without depending on other people. This is also going to help the eradication of poverty and provision of good nutrition as they are mainly partaking on horticulture and fish keeping.

Speaking in an interview with Gokwe Deputy Mayor Charity Mungwani said they are happy because of the development which will boost revenue streams for the Gokwe community.

“As the GTC works on enhancing grassroots development, we are working with WV to boast revenue streams of the people through various projects targeted at everyone, women and the youths. Some of the projects are looking at how to manage agribusiness, and how to engage into entrepreneurial activities such as horticulture and selling of fresh produce such as tomatoes and vegetables among others. We have offered WV land where they setup greenhouses, boreholes and fishponds at good rates with flexible payment terms, allowing people to fully develop communities and projects,” said Mungwani.

World Vision Project Chairperson Johnstone Mathunzi said that the project was well received by the Gokwe community. He said that the community was going to benefit immensely from this income generating initiative that is meant to positively impact the way they live in a time when the country is facing economic woes.

“We have seen that the residents have accepted, and hone the simple strategic ways of doing agribusiness for them to be independent with their families. We have started construction of greenhouses, fishponds and boreholes in all six wards that constitute GTC where people are grouped such that the other group specializes on horticulture while the other on fish keeping. This is a development that will see buyers getting fresh produce and wide variety of products to choose from,”he added.

Furthermore, World Vision will assist the community with market linkages nationally and regionally, while targeting the women and youths. The organization is also working on developing international export readiness for produce like sweet potatoes with the intention of exporting to other countries once the local market is satisfied.

“As we kick started the projects, we wanted to make sure we provide women and youths with as much information as possible about how to sustain themselves and lower dependence syndrome. We then assisted by GTC with land and the councilors for mobilizing the people to make our dream come true as well as to come up with a strategic plan on easy of doing business in the district,” he added.

Marceline Mpofu a beneficiary of the initiative applauded World Vision for the great initiative projects introduced to them. She said that World Vision is assisting them to implement the key tenants of the strategy through corporate entrepreneurship programmers for revenue generation of the council.

“…we were also trained on how to develop and organize nutrition gardens so that our families have balanced diets, and we can then sell the extras for us to be able to send our children to school,” she said.

World Vision is continuously doing great initiatives for the community of Gokwe, a development that will raise the standards of living in the community during these times when they is low employment especially for the youths.

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