Everyone cares only about their own interests, Serbian President

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Perseverance javangwe

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has castigated the world leaders for serving their own interests while neglecting the principles of the United Nations Charter at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

President Vucic said that world leaders are not paying attention when trying to solve global issues, but rather, they are focusing on satisfying their political, economic, and military ego.

“The seriousness of the present moment obliges me to share difficult but true words with you. Everything that we are doing today seems impotent and vague. Our words make a hollow and empty echo compared to the reality that we are facing.” Vucic said in his address at the UN General Assembly session.

“The reality is that no one listens to anyone, no one strives for real agreements and problem solving, and almost everyone cares only about their own interests.

He further stated that the UN is not to blame for all these endeavors but placed the blame on the world leaders who are not keen to work together with others to observe the fundamental principles on which the UN was founded.

“…breaching the basic principles of International law, throwing away the UN Charter and the documents this organization is founded on. It is neither the fault of the Antonio Guiteress nor the UN but of these powers who take care of nothing else but meeting their own political, economic, and unfortunately military goals.

“…to practice tolerance, and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors…peaceful resolutions of disputes are the pillars to world stability, but they must be accompanied by principles such as non-selective observance of the UN Security Council Resolutions and basic principles of the applicable international law.

President Vucic further reiterated Martin Luther King’s words that if injustice is allowed to spread that will cause more threats to justice across the world. He also spoke on Ukraine’s invasion when he said that Ukraine is not the first country but Serbia that was “invaded” on the soil of Europe since World War II as some world leaders who spoke before him were claiming.

“…‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ these words are curved as a reminder, but also as a warning to all of us regardless of the fact that we are still feeling the consequences of the gross violation of basic provisions of international law. We do not give up on the UN’s foundational principles.

“We will continue to advocate for consistent respect for the principle of the inviolability of borders, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all other member states of the United Nations. Despite our position, many in this hall still have a problem with respect for the territorial integrity of Serbia. You wonder why? Because they possess the power and we are small and weak in their eyes. However, as you could hear, we still have the strength to speak the truth in this place,” said Vucic.

President Vucic was referring to Kosovo’s independence from Serbia with most UN member states, including Germany, UK, US, and France recognizing it as a separate autonomous country from its neighbor.

According to President Vucic Serbia continues to see Kosovo as its territory, but Russia and China are among the countries that are yet to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

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